New times, new challenges!

In nowadays, forensic professionals are constantly challenged. The II Conference on Forensic Medicine and Forensic Psychology will be a place to think about the New Challenges and New Approaches needed, in order to provide efficient responses to new everyday professional challenging in an everyday changing society.

The conference will take place at Aula Magna, Portucalense University, 17th and 18th May, 2013. The aim of this conference is to present and discuss new approaches to old problems forensic professionals encounter every day, but even more important to new investigation situations they are faced with, nowadays. It is our goal to create an environment of scientific debate of new theories and techniques between forensic scientists, professionals and students, so all together we can create and update knowledge.

The areas in debate will be: Forensic Medicine, Forensic Biology, Forensic Psychology, Police Tasks and Ethics.

The program includes workshops (May 16 at the premises of the Institute CRIAP), lectures, oral presentations, poster sessions (with a brief oral presentation in plenary) and the presentation of magazine created by the Institute CRIAP (17 and 18 May at the Aula Magna - university Portucalense Infante D. Henrique), and to have the closing dinner of the conference, which will take place in the Workshop CRIMELAB - THE CRIME (almost perfect) in dinner! A forensic CRIAP team is prepared to act...

Therefore, there will be 3 days of great scientific enrichment!

Todos os direitos reservados 2017. II Congresso de Medicina Legal e Psicologia Forense Desenvolvido por: Instituto CRIAP